Monday, November 9, 2009

some pics from October's Sketch Night

...Taming the Fox was awesome!...
and we are honored to have them play again
at Sketch Night on December!
Here are some pics from when they played
at October's Sketch Night...

Taming the Fox, as pictured above is:
Justin Froese, Brian Nemerow, Tyler Olson, Mike Rudolph
and Tim McNalley (not pictured) + music = good stuff...

Linkvisit the Taming the Fox myspace at

There were a lot of really great sketches of the band!

below - Dan Paladin puts his mad skills to the paper...
visit his website at
A couple other artists who posted sketches are:
Graham Smith: to see his sketches on his blog, click here
Mark Adams: to see his sketches on flickr, click herebelow - Justin Froese - vocals and guitar
visit his myspace at
below - Mike Rudolph on keyboards...
visit his myspace at

below - Ron gets inspired by the band as they play...

it was a really great time... looking forward to the next one!
(that's this week! November 13
...more info coming soon in the next post)

Many thanks to Taming the Fox...
and all who came to hang out!

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