Sunday, November 22, 2009

pics from the Tradigital Show

...really awesome night. :)
thanks to all who came out to the show.
thanks to Pam & Van & crew for catering.
thanks to Stephen Burns for the live digital demo.
thanks to Adrian Demain for the ambience.
and thanks a ton to all the artists.
here are some pics from the reception:

the art on the walls as the show opens...

(Pam's food kicks booty!)

a live digital demo by Stephen Burns...

and great music by Adrian Demain...


Davis Chino said...

The show looks awesome. Congrats you guys! I'd love to see it...and maybe I will.

Matthew said...

Man...I am jealous word verification was ETERSUCK

Looks like a good time.

Paul Hassett said...

Gaud damn it how'd I get so phuck'n big?! Computers are evil.