Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January @ s2s

a few exciting things going on...

2nd Friday Sketch Night on January 9th!

Russian Art Exhibition
at the Encinitas Library Community Room
for the months of January & February 2009
Reception Saturday January 31st 4 - 7pm
check the Russian Academy post too - click here.
or view/download the postcard - click image below.

the new class schedule is posted on our website.
check the Classes Page - click here.
the new session starts Monday February 2nd!

good stuff...pass it on! :)


Dread Val said...

I'll be coming down to Sketch Night again -- probably late-ish, again, unless by some warping of space-time, the ducts get repaired a lot faster than I think. (Whole heating/AC system at my place needs to be reinstalled. That's gonna be a fun day off… not.)

Anyway, I'll be down. :)

Vanessa Lemen said...

cool you'll be comin down. good luck with the ducts & the traffic from LA.
we always look forward to hangin out with you. :) see you soon!