Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pics from the Change show!


^ Bob the poser...

and the crowd shuffles in...
^ admiring the artwork...

good peeps...

^ larger than life, in more ways than one...

fun times!

^ ...the tall people. hey look, Leon's back! ...literally.

^ and a face from the past! ..and bigger hair to boot! :)
Tommy & Faith catch up on ol times.

^ a view from the outside

^ congrats to the newlyweds, Brian and Lindsey. woohoo!

and we just want to say thanks for another great show...great friends, great conversation, great artwork!
a good time was had by all...
and congrats to everyone
for creating such incredible and insightful work.
the range of ideas from one word - change - was awesome!
(when we sift through the pics of the artwork,
we hope to post those here as well).

1 comment:

Brian Weisz said...

Sweet photos! What a show it was! Can't wait for the next one.